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We Humanize
Robot Communication

Advancing the communication function by using Social Robot, SOC Model, and Token Economy for communication.
It will be solved by attaining the (etsu) world view.
(etsu) is a word derived from “the fulfillment zone when mental lumps such as anxiety or distrust are dissolved,” and it means satisfaction, pleasure, excitement, etc.

Aisii Aisii


Aisii OÜ will first start on this business proposal and business execution format in Japan. While promoting the commercialization in Japan, we plan to develop the business in English-speaking territories and EU, including UK. OMOIKANE, a recognition model AI system of social robots, is constructed in a way that it will be less dependent on particular language.

Japanese is known as one of the most difficult languages to master. While using hiragana, katakana, and kanji (Chinese characters), expression varies and the same combination of words may have different meanings. It will consequently be developed into other languages including English.

Aisii Aisii


In order to advance the communication function.

Aisii believe the value of a piece of information should be assessed based upon its reliability, then it should be optimized and indexed.

Properly evaluated information should be communicated in the best form according to the method of communication (via computer, smartphone, smart speaker, earphone, SNS and such).

As the valuable information is communicated in the best form and methods, concurrently, the recipients of the information shall receive it through a medium (such as a favorite character) he/she wants it from. Only then can people truly satisfy their desire for communication that is in the state of (etsu).


Aisii will develop a system called, A-CORE, B-GATE, and C-OPEN, using the methods such as social robot, SOC model, and/or token economy in order to realize this essential mechanism for advancing communication function.

A-CORE is a platform that connects social robot and humans through token economy and SOC model, and it consists of the following elements:

aisii Talking UX (atax), a SNS system where humans and social robots can send and/or discover information.

aisii Token UX, an engine that drives AIS token economy and SOC model constructed in an exclusive economic territory constructed on aisii platform.

OMOIKANE, a recognition model AI system for social robots developed exclusively by Aisii.

B-GATE is a system to expand social robot on A-CORE to smart devices and/or apps by other companies, such as SNS application software. A-CORE’s atax is scheduled to be provided as a native app for iOS and Android.

C-OPEN is an open system where anyone can create or develop content with a social robot. Any developer can dispatch information by creating an intricate social robot by fully utilizing OMOIKANE with API.

Platform Platform

What’s AIS token?

AIS token is designed as the “AI Standard” crypto-currency which drives Aisii platform.

By developing and expanding A-CORE/B-GATE/C-OPEN system, anyone can create a social robot with diverse information content and directionality. We will provide an environment in which these social robots can be evaluated and approved globally and in any language. And at the same time, their value will be recirculated in the form of AIS token. We can embody the advancement of communication function through the expansion and growth of this ecosystem.

AIS token AIS token
Aisii Aisii


aisii Talking UX (atax)

aisii Talking UX (atax), a SNS system where humans and social robots can send and/or discover information. And aisii Token UX is also an engine that drives AIS token economy and SOC model constructed in an exclusive economic territory constructed on aisii platform.


  • blockhive OÜ

    blockhive creates practical and innovative solutions for businesses in the form of partnership, helping them unlock new markets and untapped opportunities as part of our ambition to create a win-win outcome. blockhive also incubate projects that have the potential to benefit from blockchain technology.


  • Masayuki Kessoku

    Masayuki Kessoku Ph.D.

    Business and Management Lead

    Masayuki experienced the manager of the product planning department and the new business department at Panasonic Corporation. After that he changed to NTT DATA Corporation and served as the general manager of the “Nazuki Business Promotion Office”, a new business utilizing Natural Language Understanding Technologies. He also served as Deputy Director of Business Administration and Business Planning Bureau at Dentsu Inc., and launched a new business of natural language understanding type advertise service and social media analysis service. Currently he is Representative Director of Institute of Language Understanding Inc. and Representative Director of Intelligent Machines Amaze You Co., Ltd.

  • Kusaka Hikaru

    Hikaru Kusaka

    Business Design and Strategy Lead

    Hikaru is an expert in blockchain technology and a former technology advisor to the Japanese government. He co-founded Tokyo-based Spreadi Inc., a software development company in 2012, and in 2015 he invented a cryptocurrency system that uses consensus protocols from His team has developed strategy for more than 50 companies including banks and A.I. companies in Japan and other countries. He and his partners founded Estonia-based blockhhive in April 2017.

  • So Nagasawa

    So Nagasawa

    Technology Lead of Blockchain and Smart Contract

    So is a specialist in blockchain technology and research. He established Spreadi Inc., a software company in 2012 with Hikaru. In 2015 they invented a cryptocurrency system that uses consensus protocols from He oversees BLOCKHIVE OÜ ’s joint research project with Fujinet System, Vietnams’ top IT company, on decentralization system infrastructures that include Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).

  • Ayuko Sano

    Ayuko Sano

    PR and Marketing Lead, Business Lead of EU area

    While attending the university, Ayu took an opportunity to perform globally as a professional snowboarder, where she ranked as high as the 20th in the world (first in Japan).
    Upon graduation, she worked at Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. as an international flight CA, while being certified as a sommelier.
    She started her own business with her sophisticated hospitality after serving 13 years in the first class cabin, and became a successful entrepreneur as a sales supporter and a director for employee training programs.
    Since 2016, she has spearheaded the marketing and sales of social robots in merchandizing and in developing the sales network.

  • Tsuyoshi Kobayashi

    Tsuyoshi Kobayashi

    Technology Lead of Recognition model AI system and Large-scale autonomous distributed server

    Tsuyoshi has been involved in the research of Japanese language processing and full text search since his student days. Upon joining Hitachi, Ltd. in 2000, he’s been devoted to the design and implementation of J2EE server for approximately five years. Since 2005, he’s been engaged in the Japanese language processing system and worked on the overall design and implementation of its own delivery system (i.e. high-speed directionality-matching delivery system on 400-server scale) for advertising at NTT Data for four years. After that, he’s been with the Institute of Language Understanding, Inc., dedicating himself to designing and implementing the system specializing in Japanese language processing. As a full stack engineer, he has a wide range of experience ranging from the overall design to its implementation of the systems. He holds a master’s degree in engineering.

  • Naoki Fujii

    Naoki Fujii

    Attractive Computer Communication Business and Management Lead

    Naoki has mainly been engaged in IT solution business at consulting firms in Japan. He has experience in consulting for business innovation and system plan of higher scope for 10 years. Upon joining in partnership with Intelligent Machines Amaze You, Ltd., he has kicked off numerous BtoB projects in industries such as smart devices, media service, and finances. He’s been in charge of NLU system introduction plans, planning support of business innovation by RPA, promotion of various project for the client’s businesses by focusing on the upper scope of the systems. He holds a masters’ degree in engineering.

  • Yinghan Huang

    Yinghan Huang

    Lead Designer

    Yinghan specializes in user interface and user experience design, as well as front-end web development. She has more than five years’ experience in client relationship management and accounting.


  • Kazuteru Arimura

    Kazuteru Arimura

    Executive Advisor, Finance Lead, Founder of e-Best Ventures OÜ

    Kazuteru has more than seven years of experience in private equity, hedge funds and venture capital where he analyzed investment targets for several funds. He brings his financial expertise and management skills to the role of finance and investment lead at BLOCKHIVE OÜ and e-Best Ventures.



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